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Week of Creation Montessori Game

Help Kids Learn About What God Created with the Week of Creation Montessori Game.

Remind or teach young Catholics about what God did for us by playing the Week of Creation Montessori Game. This tangible paper game is a fun resource for a single learner, pair of students, or small-group play.

Week of Creation Montessori Game Kids

How to Use the Week of Creation Montessori Game

First, prepare the playing pieces by cutting them apart.
Then, mix the parts up. Next, have players group all the sections accordingly--picture pieces to the appropriate title and number headings. (Learners will see a numeral and ordinal number as well the number in American Sign Language.)

Most of the images match with wording from Scripture. A few additional cards are included for added interest and detail. Day seven highlights the words rest and sanctify since the Lord’s work was finished.

Note that there is also a template page to create additional Montessori pieces for those who would like to expand the number or variety of image pieces. Some players may even enjoy drawing renditions of card images, including other topographic bodies, or man or woman. (The game piece provided uses the term human beings, and it purposefully does not show bodies or ethnicities in the picture.)

An instruction sheet with scriptural references is provided for instructors as well. Students can easily use the included control card to check their play and help foster independent learning.

Age: Elem+
Focus: Fact recall
Theme: Creation, Montessori; Montessori game; Old Testament

Week of Creation Montessori Game
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