Focus on the Gospel for the 3rd Sunday of Advent - Gaudete Sunday.

Use this 29-page unit study to help children understand that God wants us to know that Christ is the Light of the World based on John1:6-8, 19-28.

Everything you need to deliver a CCD or Religious Ed lesson on the weekly Gospel is included in this packet. These materials could also be used for formal CCD or Religious Education classes, home catechesis or a Sunday school class as well.

Lesson Materials

Weekly Liturgical Lesson Student Sheets

There are two thematic lesson sheets that focus directly on God's Word in John 1:6-8. Additional printables are included for lesson reinforcement and fact recall; they include a Fill-in-the-Faces worksheet, a graphic organizer that focuses on Gaudete Sunday, and a lesson based cloze activity that reiterates the main paragraph from the student lesson sheet.

Weekly Liturgical Lesson Teacher Guide

The teacher guide includes a full lesson plan, which you may alter to meet the specific needs of your program or learners. The plan includes a Gospel focus sheet with the week's Gospel reading, vocabulary focus, lesson highlights and catechetical references. It also includes a layout that will take you from gathering, through the lesson to closing. As well, the guide contains a copy of all student content and matching answer sheets.

Lesson Extensions

This liturgy lesson contains fun activities or extensions, which are found immediately following the lesson plan pages. One is based on creativity and the other on game play.

The Play to Learn Lesson Extensions in this lesson include the St. John the Baptist, the Herald puzzle activity, the A-Z of Joyfulness phrase game as well as thematic crossword and word search puzzles.

The Create to Learn Lesson Extensions in this lesson include: the Color the Chasuble coloring page and the unprompted mini-book God's Message on the Third Sunday in Advent. Children are also encouraged to decorate their lesson cover page in a creative way, which is explained in the lesson plan.

Take Home Materials

Although children may take home all of their lesson sheets and creations, they should also have a tangible reminder of God's Word. This liturgy lesson includes a Get the Gospel! printable scripture trading card featuring ideas on how to prepare for Christmas.


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Age: Gr.2-4
Liturgical Week: Third Sunday in Advent - Gaudete Sunday
Focus: Gaudete Sunday (Rejoice/joy)
Theme: Christ is the Light of the World.
Gospel Reference: John 1:6-8, 19-28
CCC: 522, 523-524, 736, 1832

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