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General Instruction Guidelines to Help Implement Our Liturgy Lessons in Your Classroom

This handy packet helps guide teachers through the design of our Weekly Liturgy Lessons for a school year that occurs during the Liturgical Cycle B and proceeds into Cycle C. Although some Weekly Liturgy lessons in the series already have this material built into it, some newer lessons do not. In an effort to meet the needs of our veteran members in a better way and to answer Pope Francis' call to use our natural resources wisely, we have separated this information out so that it needs only to be downloaded and printed once.

This packet contains general instructions (What to Do), tips, updated black-and-white vocabulary sheet templates, as well as Word Wall templates to match the liturgical year.

Age: Instructor Resource
Focus: Instruction Guidelines for That Weekly Liturgy Lesson Series for Liturgical Cycle B proceeding into Cycle C