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Discover the Virtue of Detachment by Studying About St. Gregory the Great.

Use this notebooking sheet to guide children in building knowledge about the virtue of detachment by exploring the life of St. Gregory the Great, a historic pontiff and Doctor of the Church.  By utilizing resources from the Internet or those you may already have on hand, students can research the life and accomplishments of this great Catholic.

Age: Elem+
Focus: Virtue study
Theme: Virtue of Detachment, St. Gregory the Great, writing

This printable resource is only one small part of Our Virtue Lesson on Detachment.

Virtue Lesson on  Detachment
Virtue Lesson on Detachment
Help Kids Learn About Detachment This lesson celebrates the virtue of detachment and is intended to help Catholic kids practice and live their faith in a real way.  It is designed to be used daily, over the course of a month. With a weekly core lesson,...
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Pope St. Gregory the Great Saint Profile Sheet
Pope St. Gregory the Great Saint Profile Sheet
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Pope St. Gregory the Great Poster
Pope St. Gregory the Great Poster
Decorate Your Learning Area with a Poster of Pope St. Gregory the Great.   Use this poster of Pope St. Gregory of Great to decorate your bulletin-board, classroom, or home. It can be an easy tool to introduce students to this Saint who was not only...
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St. Gregory the Great Mini-Book
St. Gregory the Great Mini-Book
Focus on Learning About St. Gregory the Great This printable book is prompted and requires learners to research and fill in basic biographical information about St. Gregory the Great. Encourage learners to put their thoughts and creativity to work creating...
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