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What Makes You Special? Your Soul, of Course!

This F3 piece for boys and girls can help them learn about the beauty of their soul and what it provides for them now and forever. It illustrates how we are all indeed created in God's image. I have used this in my CCD class and with my own children, and it has been very effective. It doesn't require too much writing, but it does involve cutting and pasting.

Some very simple truths about our soul are presented in this piece based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC 355,371-373).

-You can’t see your soul, but it is what gives you life!
-Your soul lives forever and never dies.
-Your soul gives you Free Will.

I aim to create pieces and resources that show where in the CCC or Bible I have found the information used in the lesson. The CCC reference can be found on the F3 piece itself. This simple but cute piece is very appealing for those who like lapbooking but find it too hard, time consuming, or who just like to dabble in it from time to time.


Age: Elem+
Focus: The realities of the human soul as the unique feature of human beings
Theme: Features and uniqueness of the human soul, being in the Image of God, CCD lesson, CCC

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Create DateJune 25, 2013
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