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What's In My Church Worksheet Set

Help Young Catholics to Discover the Beauty of Their Parish Church.

This simple worksheet asks students to note details about two objects or things they see when they go to church. Children can be encouraged to take notice of the particular sacramentals used in the celebration of the Holy Eucharist, the details in displayed artwork or stained glass windows, and even the layout of the church (sanctuary, altar, vestibule, etc.)

Catechists or parents may want to use this sheet when taking students and children on a tour of the church. The sheet requires the name of the object, its purpose, who uses it, and where it may be found/kept. Space is also provided for an illustration or picture.

Alternately, some teachers may want to use this sheet on a church tour and then a few times throughout the year allowing it to serve as a non-threatening research tool for youngsters.

Both color and grayscale versions are included in this set.

Age: Elem+
Focus: Sacramentals
Theme: Parish Church
This set contains versions in color as well as grayscale.

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  • Create Date October 3, 2017
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