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Help Introduce Different Occupations and Vocations to Children

A community is a group of people living in the same place, under the same laws, sharing common beliefs, interests, rights and privileges. Through community studies, children learn about getting along with others outside of their family structure from a very young age. They learn about the things that bind them together as a group and make them feel like they belong and are valued.

As children learn the basics of communities - what they believe, where they live, feeling safe in them, following their rules and laws - they begin to learn about the world around them. Most children start off learning about community workers since work is one of the marks of a community.

Help children learn about different careers and workers in their community in this fun tactile game. It is played like Concentration (pair matching), pulling one colored stick and one plain stick to find career matches. It is suitable for one to ten players.

Adjust the number of sticks and occupations highlighted to match the group size or attention span of very young ones. This game features fifty different occupations, including the often overlooked choices of mother, father, husband, and wife.

Use this game to begin talking about different careers as well as to point out the importance of jobs such as father and mother, which many times children forget are really viable full-time occupations.


Age: Elem+
Focus: Introducing and reinforcing a variety of occupations
Theme: Communities, occupations, careers, and community workers

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Create DateJune 17, 2013
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