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Who Created This? Game

Help Kids Distinguish Between What God Creates and Man Makes with the Who Created This? Game.

This game uses actual photographs of things and asks children to categorize who made it - God or man. Each of the cards is numbered, and an answer key is provided for quick reference. Many important things are included in the pictures that children confuse as God created vs. man made like the rosary, the church, chalice, etc. 

Who Created This? Game

This game is perfect for individual play or small-group  use with multiple sets. There are a total of thirty-two (32) cards in the Who Created This? Game.

How to use the Who Created This? Game

Print the sheets out and cut the pieces apart on the dotted lines. Mix up the picture cards and have students categorize them by placing them under the appropriate heading. Use for class play in teams with two printed sets, with a single-player or in partners.

The .PDF file contains the pieces and instructions and can easily be used repeatedly once laminated. Printing on cardstock or heavier bond paper makes for better resources, although teachers may also use plain paper.

This game has been used very successfully in CCD and religious ed. classes.

Age:  Gr. 2+
Focus:  Discerning images, CCD Games
Theme:  Creation

Who Created This? Game
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