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Who Leads the Church? Mini-Book

Who Leads the Church? Mini-Book Can Help Young Catholics Learn About the Leaders of the Church.

This standard quarter-sheet Who Leads the Church? Mini-Book provides eight pages to help children learn about the global and local leaders of the Catholic Church.  Learners are provided some general information about the roles of the pope, bishop, priest, and pastor.  Lines are provided for students to write the name of the current pope, local bishop, and pastor.  Some pages ask for a photo or drawing of each leader or one of their symbols, such as a miter, cassock, etc.

Students should read and fill in the appropriate information to complete this resource, then cut apart, stack, and staple the pages where marked.

This book is an excellent addition to a lesson on the hierarchy of the Catholic Church or the Sacrament of Holy Orders.  It is suitable for CCD classroom use.

Age:  Gr.4/5+
Focus:  Hierarchy of the Catholic Church
Theme:  Church leaders, Holy Orders
CCC References: 934-945, 1590-1600

Who Leads the Church? Mini-Book
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