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This Stuffed Snowman Hot Chocolate Packet Is Perfect for Christmas Gift-Giving or Stocking Stuffing Needs.

Homemade gifts can be neat to make. Unfortunately, they are not always as fun to receive. Sometimes we must even have to ask ourselves quietly, "What is it?" We are sure that you won't have that trouble with this cute, fun homemade gift.

Put together this neat little gift idea that will hopefully teach a bit about the meaning of being a Christian as well as be a very yummy winter treat. Similar projects have gone around the Internet, but we wanted ours to be God-centered and very easy for children to assemble.

You will need the following items for each gift you want to make:

1 candy cane
1 chocolate kiss
1 pre-made packet of hot chocolate
5 mini-marshmallows
1 small cinnamon heart or candy heart
Transparent tape - double sided is best although single-sided clear tape will also work if you don't mind it showing on the finished product.

First, cut the packet out using the outermost solid, black lines. Next, fold to create a pouch, then tape sides together leaving the top open. Finally, insert the goodies listed above in the packet and tape to close the envelope.


Age: Any
Focus: Christmas
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