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kalei January 24, 2016 @ 9:23PM

Every Learner Is Unique

We recognize and celebrate the fact that each child learns in a unique way.  We embrace this reality of learning as we create resources and printables geared to a variety of different learning styles.  We offer resources that are based on the Classical Learning Style, Charlotte Mason (CM) Learning Style, Montessori Method of learning as well as the  Traditional style of learning most utilized in a formal classroom setting.

Our resources cultivate skill building and real learning.  Our printables can help your students build writing skills through narration, notebooking, mini-books, and research learning projects.  You can easily encourage thinking and discussion at home or in the classroom with our open-ended  activities that, many times, complement your current curriculum or utilize other resources you may already have on-hand.  Help children make natural connections to their faith as well as other more academic areas with Montessori style materials, F3 Flip, Flap and Fold File projects as well as traditional (and not so traditional) worksheets.

We think that our strength as an online resource provider comes through the sheer variety and volume of printables that we provide for our membership.  Join us and see for yourself!

kalei January 24, 2016 @ 9:23PM

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