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F3 Resources for Creative Learning

Printables with Parts that Flip, Flap & Fold (F3)

What are F3 Resources for Creative Learning? They are learning materials and activities based on paper pieces that Flip, Flap, & Fold (F3). These little learning gems are easy to make and use, and they can be stored in a folder or notebook.

We created printables that allow all the fun of lapbooking in self-contained mini-projects that you can glue into notebooks, use as a stand-alone resource, or incorporate into worksheets. Plus, we designed a way to use file folders still but have them fit into a standard three-ringed binder that can sit neatly on a bookshelf. Now that’s different, stress-free, and very do-able.

Find the F3 Resources for Creative Learning that you need below.

F3 Pieces

Sample F3 Pieces - F3 Resources for Creative Learning

Individual, themed F3 Pieces that come with text or graphics to help guide learning.

F3 KWL Activities

Sample F3 KWL - F3 Resources for Creative Learning

Research tool focusing on what students Know, Want to know, and Learn about a given topic.

F3 Activities

Sample F3 Activity - F3 Resources for Creative Learning

Self-contained, mini-lessons that usually require the use of scissors and glue to complete them.

F3 Mini-Books

Sample F3 Mini-books - F3 Resources for Creative Learning

Topic-specific little booklets that encourage and inspire writing or drawing using eight little pages.

F3 Folder Lessons

Sample F3 Folder Lessons - Resources for Creative Learning

Themed interactive lessons that feature text pages and F3 pieces that are attached and kept in a file folder.

F3 Blank Pieces

Sample F3 Blank Pieces - F3 Resources for Creative Learning

Blank templates kids can use to create personalized pieces for a folder, lesson, or learning notebook.