We’ve managed for five years to provide you with FREE homeschool resources and printables, but the graphic suppliers we purchase(d) from have changed their user agreement license, and we must now conform to it. Under the new licence we are only able to share (50) resources for free.

 We had decided to try and redo our site as a membership based site to comply with the licence, and there seemed to be no interest from visitors wanting to pay a membership fee now to access our religious printables. So, after much discernment, we have decided after all that work and with dwindling interest in our site as membership based that it's probably time for us to just close the site permanently.

 Being just a family run website, we've had many pitfalls and struggles along the way. From our site being hacked twice and shut down, to receiving complaints about the free printables we provided.

 Thank you to all of our previous visitors...