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Homeschool Assignment Sheets

Homeschool Planner & Student Assignment Book Pages


If you were looking for a way to really lay out the day for your learner while reminding them of chores and activities, then these Free printable assignment sheets are for you.

These cute and very useful forms are a way of helping children to keep track of your daily expectations of them in terms of assignments, chores and/or activities.

Throw in some gentle character training and fun designs and we have the makings of nice assignment sheets for boys and girls. Lots of theme selections.

Assignment sheets, or learning sheets if you prefer, serve a very important purpose for homeschoolers and teachers. It lets them know what is expected of them on a daily basis. It helps them begin to set goals for themselves as well as gives them a sense of satisfaction when tasks are completed. We believe that children should have an active part in keeping track of their learning. Older learners can be given a week’s worth of assignments at a time allowing them to become more independent learners.

Parents and teachers can benefit from these Free printable assignment sheets too as they are records of proof of learning that can be kept for distance learning portfolios. It easily helps you recount what activities and learning tasks you have done