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Games for Learning

Learning is hard work! Because students need to commit to memory and master new information, they need to sustain their interest in the material – even if they do not have any affection for it at all. The continuous need for attention and energy for multiple topics and subject areas can be quite taxing. (Remember the last time you had to do something you didn’t want to do?)

Games make learning things exciting, interesting, and sustainable. There is indeed a place for games, fun, and joy in education. Besides, it is much easier to teach to smiles than frowns.

Our collection of games features traditional games such as bingo, crosswords, and word searches, as well as unique, matching games, scripture puzzles, learning cubes, plot card games, math counters, and many others. We invite you to bring the fun of learning to your classroom or learning environment, whether you are focusing on faith studies, grammar, phonics, or even math.

Some Games By Style

Tactile Games

Find fun, unique, and interactive games that require players to use such skills as sorting, matching, ordering, and more.

Worksheet Games

Find a nice selection of word searches, crossword puzzles, cryptograms, and other games for worksheet play.

Group Games

Find games that can be played by one or more than one player, including know-n-go, bingo-style, charades, movement, and others.

Looking for Montessori Materials?

Browse an assortment of Montessori materials, including Montessori cards, games, activities, timelines, and more in a variety of subjects, including the Faith, art, math, etc.

See Our Latest Games!

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