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TRS February 16, 2016 @ 4:40PM

Your Catholic Activity Needs

Our goal is to help you meet the needs of your students with faith-filled resources that are engaging, encouraging, and enjoyable to use. There is no doubt that there are tons of online options for teachers to find resources to take into their classrooms, but what we do is unique.  We keep God at the heart of our design process and allow teachers to do what they do best - teach.

We create resources that support the lessons you are already using, rather than ask you to stray from or abandon the selected curriculum of choice, which many times may not be an option.

Get your students engaged in learning by using our resources to enhance your lessons.  By offering your students our unique printables, you can help inspire them to become more active learners.  Each resource we offer from our extensive collection of printables, is designed and created to help learners master content in an enjoyable, non-threatening way.  Students are sure to boost their academic confidence as they use appealing and engaging activities such as interactive game play, open-ended writing exercises, cut-n-paste projects, group discussions, or setting up a timeline to meet mandatory learning goals.

Why not give your students faith-filled resources that they will find encouraging, engaging, and enjoyable?


Learning can be a challenge, but it should also be a joyful experience.  Our resources aim to foster joy in education and cultivate life-long learners.  Call us crazy, but we believe that there should be a feeling of hope and joy when learning tasks are completed.  Whether it is the teacher in the lesson planning stage or students finishing an assignment, when you have accomplished your educational task, you should feel that your time was well spent and productive.  By using our resources to reinforce your lessons, you can take on any topic - sin, multiplication, states of matter - quite effectively without stifling a child's desire to learn.


Teaching and learning can be difficult, sometimes even overwhelming tasks, but we can help.  Because our resources are God-centered and designed around the Catholic faith, they can help you and your students feel encouraged and inspired!


We are excited to be able to offer printable resources, articles, and videos that are uplifting and infused with the Faith.  Whether you are teaching about the lives of the Saints, preparing children for their first Reconciliation, or leading students to discover the Mysteries of the Holy Rosary through prayer, we have resources to assist you.  Moreover, our printables promote and encourage learning in a simple and natural way for CCD or Religious Education programs, traditional classrooms, and parents.


Using over a decade of teaching experience and techniques from a variety of learning styles, including Montessori, Charlotte Mason, and Classical Learning, we offer what we believe to be a very positive and eclectic collection of religious and educational resources for students in grades K-8.


Resources are our passion!  Most of the printables that we offer are designed around Christianity and the Catholic faith.  However, we do offer fun printable resources for more academic areas such as math, language arts and science.  Many members enjoy the unique printables that we have as we offer so much more than a standard worksheet.  Many of our most popular resources encourage discussion, game play and even a bit of research.  To that end, we encourage parents and teachers to help learners make personal connections such as math and science are subject areas that are built on truth - of which Our Lord is the Master.

Our resources foster thinking skills and meaningful study, which can lead to topic mastery.  We provide printables for word study, including vocabulary, spelling, and phonics.  We utilize handwriting and copywork as vehicles to help children learn penmanship.  Art is used as a natural compliment to writing in our narration exercises.  Nature study is viewed as God's glory in action, whether it is examining frogs, elements, or the water cycle.  Games and timelines are offered as reinforcement tools instead of tests. While our learning card collection can help introduce research skills and teach grammar rules, multiplication tables, colors, and the basics of science.

We hope that our passion becomes your joy!


What People Are Saying About Us

Don't just take it from us, let our members do the talking!

~ I am working in the Art Department of the soon-to-be-filmed St. Vincent starring Bill Murray, Melissa McCarthy and Naomi Watts.

We are shooting in New York City this July and August, and several scenes of the film take place in a Catholic grade school. We would really like to decorate the classrooms and hallways of these school scenes with authentic, motivational, and educational posters and other paraphernalia. Would you be willing to allow us to use some of your poster printables and images in our film? I especially love the Faith Alphabet!

~ I plan to tell all my catechists about your site – there is so much to choose from!  What a wonderful aid to help our children to grow in faith!

~ Most wonderful Catholic Homeschool site on the web! Thank you so much:-) As an Ambleside Online/Classical Catholic homeschooler, you’re resources are a treasure trove of rare jewels.

A member of the Seton Home Catholic group sent along your site and I
am absolutely in love with it.  I just started home schooling our
7-year-old last summer and your site is going to be VERY helpful for
this upcoming year.  Thank you for all of your effort and hard work in
making my job so much easier now!

TRS February 16, 2016 @ 4:40PM

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