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What do I get with a Parish or School Membership?


  • Ad-free version of the site.

  • “Request a Resource.” If we don’t have what you’re looking for, we’ll try to make it for you.

  • Use our resources in your school or classroom environment.

  • New resources uploaded monthly.

  • 12 Month membership from the day you activate it.

  • Multiple Free Sponsored User Accounts (Free accounts for all your teachers.)

  • Print out items and include them in your weekly parish bulletin or school newsletter.


What is the benefit of a School or Parish Membership?


Basically, one member of a parish or school (typically the DRE) would purchase the parish/school membership option. This would be the “Main” account.

They would create a username and password, fill in their information and payment information etc. Once they’ve completed the subscription and payment process, an email will be sent to the email address of that user.

In that email will be a “sponsorship code“. You can then give that sponsorship code to any of your teachers, or staff, that you would like to have access to our site.

They then go to our site and select the “Sponsored Membership” option. The user will enter the discount code you have provided them on that sign up page, create their own username and password. Click the “Submit and Confirm” button and their own FREE account will be created for them with their own username and passwords. For FREE!, all compliments of you.

All of your FREE member accounts will expire when your (main) membership expires. 12 months from purchase. Since all of your teachers would have their usernames, they can all be on the site at the same time if they wanted.

The price for membership is $39.95 now.

Membership expires after 1 Year.

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I tried to register, but I get an error message (“Transaction cannot be processed”) and can't continue. Help!

Sometimes, certain credit card providers block transactions for your identity protection.

As our website is located in Canada, as a protection to their customers, certain USA Credit Card providers may block these transactions from taking place, and you may see the following error notice at the bottom of the registration page.

“Transaction cannot be processed”

This does not mean you do not have available funds on your card, it’s just a very good identity protection mechanism provided by your credit card provider. (Which is a good thing.)

You can do either of the following;

  • Attempt to register with a different credit card.
  • Select the “Check Out with PayPal” option. (You can still use your credit card this way, and you do not need to have a PayPal account, nor will a PayPal account be opened in your name. Just uses them as a Merchant Account.)
  • You can contact us, and we can email an invoice to you. Please note: this option is still provided though a PayPal Merchant Account as well. So the above options apply again.
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I have a Sponsorship Code, how do I use it?

On this page you will see a link that says “Click here to enter your discount code.” Click that link to open a field where you will enter the code given to you, and click “Apply”.

Next, enter in your information to begin creating your account on the site. (Select a username and password etc.)
Be sure to click the “I agree to the terms of service“, then click the “Submit and Confirm” button to complete your registration.
Now you are registered and can begin downloading!

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