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Mini-Book Resources

Find Mini-Books to Read, Write, and Create

Witness the power of narration, the retelling of information, with these easy to use resources for just about any age and subject. One of the most popular downloads on our site; these little books are used by Charlotte Mason method learners as well as those who utilize the Classical Learning method or file folder projects to facilitate learning.

Young writers build confidence as they move from page to page noting details they have learned or can properly recall from their studies or reading.  Reluctant writers find these books comforting as each page is small and non-threatening.  Artists will like these little books too because there is a lot of space to illustrate details. If drawings are completed utilizing colored pencils or crayons, facing pages can be used strictly for illustration purposes.

Each of our standard eight-page mini-books has been created for our own children or by request for other members. Each comes with a title page and end page. Title page contains spaces for a title, author name, a bit of drawing space if a picture hasn’t been provided for you, and staple marks. Some books are blank and allow for total creativity for any age, while other books have writing or drawing prompts for those learners who may need a little guidance or inspiration. You will find our books in multiple subject areas, and our current collection numbers over 200 or so different books.

Keepsake pages are regular 8.5″x11″ sized paper to which you can attach your mini-books. Each page is themed, has two affixing spots and date spaces as well. These pages are provided with a left and right side to be suitable for binding in 3-ring binders, duo-tangs, comb-bind spines, or stapled together. These are great sheets to help keep things organized by subject, date or theme. We have also provided some cover pages as well to protect the tops of your mini-books.

If you like our mini-books and the idea of using keepsake pages, you may want to consider using one of our mini-book unit studies.  Unit studies can be found on different subjects and utilize our standard eight-page mini-Books, keepsake pages, a cover page, and some additional data all in one download. You can download the pieces individually as well. We currently have unit studies in geography, science, literature, and faith studies.  Feel free to use resources you already have at home, find on the Internet, or borrow from your local library to complete your books and units.

Encourage learners to let their imaginations go free and enjoy learning with these little books that can be created, written, and read.  And don’t forget, mini-books are excellent proof of learning!


Mini-Book Keeper Memory Pages

Organize your collection of mini-books by using our Mini-Book Keeper pages.

Faith Mini-Books

Create mini-books on a variety of faith topics, including Sacraments, the Rosary, and more.

Liturgical Year Mini-Books

Find mini-books that focus on the Liturgical Year and the events contained within it.

Science Mini-Books

Create various mini-books on science, health, and nature study topics.

Mini-Book Collection Covers

Protect and highlight your collection of mini-Books with printable covers.

Fine Arts Mini-Books

Create mini-books that focus on the arts in some way.

Scripture & Virtue Mini-Books

Find mini-books that focus on virtues and holy Scripture such as parables, creation, and more.

Social Studies Mini-Books

Create various mini-books with topics from social studies, geography, and history.

Mini-Book Unit Studies

Use specialized collections of Mini-Books to teach units on a variety of topics.

Lang. Arts & Literature Mini-Books

Create mini-books related to language arts, literature, and reading.

Saint Mini-Books

Create mini-books that feature various holy Saints.

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