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Mini-Book Collection Covers

Fishing Frog Cover for Mini-Book Collection

Highlight and protect your student’s collection of mini-books.


Keep your collection of mini-books protected and organized with colorful and fun covers. Many different themes are available for students. Some are topic-related while others are simply fun. These covers may be slipped into the plastic skin covering on many 3-ring binders. They may also be hole-punched and used inside a duo-tang or folder to separate pages.

Rabbits and Carrots Mini-Book Collection Cover
Rabbits and Carrots Mini-Book Collection Cover
A Mini-Book Cover That Features Rabbits and Veggies Give your learner’s mini-book collection a finished look with this cover suitable for learners who find bunnies, veggies or the Tale of Peter Rabbit endearing. This decorative mini-book collection...
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I'm a Writer Mini-Book Collection Cover
Give Your Learner’s Mini-Book Collection a Finished Look with This Standard Cover Suitable for All Ages. A writer’s hand tells the story of writing in this simple black-and-white design cover for any mini-book collection – big or small. Space is...
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