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This is a crafting project to help children learn about modesty through making a dressing tray that honors our Holy Mother.

Do your children have trouble trying to find their watch or hair accessories? Do they have so many hair clips that they spend too much time trying to decide what to wear when it’s time to get ready to go to Mass? Do your children’s personal accessories seem to be everywhere and nowhere at the same time? Then this craft may be just what your young Christian needs to keep organized and be reminded of the appropriate way to dress.

The decorative styrofoam tray is covered with decoupaged tissue paper and pictures of the Blessed Mother, which reveal themselves when articles or accessories are removed from the tray. Although most think of this project as just for girls, boys could make a very nice dressing tray as well. Don’t forget that Our Lady appeals to the hearts of both girls and boys.

dressing_tray_1Step 1: Acquire the supplies needed:
•a few sheets of various colored tissue papers
•scissors or very sharp paper cutter
•1-bottle liquid school glue
•small craft brush
•small container to pour glue into
•a clean white, smooth Styrofoam meat tray
•small holy card(s) or pictures of the Blessed Virgin Mary





dressing_tray_2Step 2: Using your scissors or paper cutter, cut each sheet of colored tissue paper into approximate 1″ squares. It is best to try to have colors coordinate. You will need a total of about 150-200 squares (or more) dependent upon the size of your meat tray and how many layers of color you want your tray to have.






dressing_tray_3Step 3: Pour liquid glue into a container. Begin applying the tissue paper to the tray with glue.








dressing_tray_4Step 4: Working in small sections, brush glue onto tray and lay pieces of tissue paper gently onto the tray. Brush over the pieces with glue again. Pieces should overlap to cover the tray and create a blended effect with the various colored pieces of tissue paper. Repeat until the entire tray is covered. You may want to cover just the inside of the tray but if time allows, you may want to cover the entire tray as it protects the tray and creates a better finished product. This portion may take a few days of diligent work as areas need to dry overnight before more layers are added.




dressing_tray_5Step 5: After applying all the tissue paper, place the small holy cards or Saint pictures inside the tray. Affix them with glue. Brush a good coat of glue over the entire inside of the tray. Please note that if you are using pictures that you have printed using an ink-jet printer, there is a good chance that the picture may smear when brushed over with the glue as it is water based. Preprinted cards or laser jet pictures will work fine. Let dry completely before use.




dressing_tray_6Step 6: Fill the tray with dressing needs such as watches, pins, hair scrunchies, headbands, hair clips and such. As children dress for church, outings and daily wear, they will reveal the pictures of Our Lady – the perfect example of modesty to help youngsters remember to dress appropriately.