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Montessori Printables for Hands-On Learning

Materials for Tactile Fun and Lessons

Montessori is a very hands-on learning method that allows children to make natural connections with the world around them through self-paced, self-directed learning. It is typically coined as learning by doing and is a very inviting learning method to many homeschooling families. By teaching children through everyday tasks and experiential learning, a stress-free and very encouraging learning atmosphere emerges. Many of today’s best known creative minds participated in Montessori Method learning.

To the untrained eye, it may appear as if learners are not following a rhyme or reason when using this learning method, but really, they are. The environment in which Montessori learning takes place has been specially prepared and designed with the learning goals or outcomes in mind. Interactive materials that will teach the skills and information to learners are easily accessible. Depending on the school or homeschool schedule, learners decide what they want to do and when.

Find an assortment of Montessori materials below, including Montessori cards, games, and more in a variety of subjects, including the Faith, art, math, etc.

Montessori Cards

Resurrection of the Lord 3-Part Montessori Card Set for kids


View our collection of Printable Montessori Cards. Find beautiful cards that challenge youngsters to learn about many topics, including sacramentals, feasts, saints, art, the Burgess Bird Book, Aesop’s Fables, and more.

Montessori Games

Events of the Bible Match-Up Game
View our collection of Printable Montessori Games. Find tangible games that help stimulate children to learn about a variety of topics, including prayers, saint study, spelling, basic math skills, and more.

Montessori Activities

View our collection of Montessori Activities. Find engaging activities for learners based on tactile learning, including topics like the Catholic faith, counting, math, calendar use, and more.

Timelines and Figures


Browse our hands-on, interactive timelines and pieces featuring two versions of the life of Christ as well as a preschool version of life of Christ, events of the Old Testament, composers, and more.