November Is the Month of the Holy Souls

“He who saves a soul saves his own and satisfies for a multitude of sins.” – St. James the Apostle

Celebrate the Communion of Saints with a month devoted to the Church Suffering – the Holy Souls.

Browse our unique collection of Catholic printables that will assist you in teaching about the Holy Souls, Purgatory, or the Communion of Saints. Learn prayers, pray for the Holy Souls, and remember loved ones!

November 2016 Printable Monthly Calendar Page

Remember the Holy Souls in Purgatory in November!   Use this printable calendar page to help children keep track of special feasts, memorials, and celebrations...

  All Saints Day     All Souls     Calendar     Holy Souls  

Month of November Word Search Puzzle

Celebrate the Month of November with Puzzle Fun!   Encourage children to celebrate All Saints' Day, pray for the Holy Souls in Purgatory as well as remember...

  All Saints Day     All Souls     Holy Souls     Puzzle     Saint     Word Search     Worksheet  

Get the Gospel! Trading Card on How to Pray for the Faithful Departed

Help Children Learn How to Pray for the Holy Souls.   This colorful printable has four identical cards per sheet. The card contains the Eternal Rest prayer...

  All Souls     Bible     Holy Souls     Prayer     Scripture Cards     Trading Card  

Eternal Rest Put It in Order Prayer Game

Simple Game Helps Children Learn the Prayer for the Faithful Departed - the Holy Souls. Use this simple cut apart and order game to help children learn the...

  All Souls     Game     Holy Souls     Montessori Games     Prayer  

All Souls Prayer Project

Assist Children in Praying for the Faithful Departed - the Holy Souls.   Try this easy to use prayer project in your class on All Souls' Day or any day...

  All Souls     Holy Souls     Prayer  

All Souls' Day Word Search Worksheet

Help Reinforce Your Next Lesson on Purgatory. Use this word search worksheet to reinforce twelve key ideas about All Souls' Day based on the Biblical truths...

  All Souls     Holy Souls     Word Search     Worksheet  

All Souls' Day Fill-In the Faces Worksheet

Review Some of the Details of All Souls' Day with This Fill-In the Faces Worksheet.   Ten questions of basic knowledge about All Souls' Day and God's eternal...

  All Souls     Worksheet  

All Souls' Day Crossword Puzzle

Build Understanding of All Souls' Day and Servitude.   Use this puzzle sheet to build or test knowledge of the understanding of All Souls' Day based on...

  All Souls     Puzzle  

4 Cool Facts About All Souls' Day Worksheet

Introduce or Review All Souls' Day. Ask children to share four facts they know or have learned from a book or class lesson about the Feast of the Commemoration...

  All Souls     Worksheet  

Weekly Liturgy Lesson - Feast of the Commemoration of the Faithful Departed (All Souls' Day)

Focus on the Gospel for All Souls' Day Use this 32-page unit study to help children understand that God wants us to serve Him and will honor (reward) His servants...

  All Souls     Bible     Liturgy Lesson     Word Search     Worksheet  

St. Gertrude the Great Printable Saint Trading Card

Introduce Students to the Herald of the Sacred Heart of Jesus 400 years before the Lord expressed His desire to St. Margaret Mary that He wanted His Sacred...

  All Souls     Biography     Holy Souls     Sacred Heart     Saint     Trading Card  

We Are One Family in Faith Activity Set

Get to Know Your Family in Faith! This very fun multilevel activity is designed to help children get to know one another as they recognize that they are all...

  All Souls     Catholic Schools Week     Ice Breakers  

Purgatory Notebooking Sheet Set

Inspire Narration About Purgatory Use this eleven-page narration set to help young Catholics write about purgatory.  Each sheet is slightly different with...

  All Souls     Holy Souls     Notebooking  

4 Cool Facts About Purgatory

Introduce or Review Purgatory.   Ask children to share four cool facts about Purgatory.  This worksheet features ample lined writing spaces and a corresponding...

  All Souls     Holy Souls     Virgin Mary     Worksheet  

Purgatory Fill-In the Faces Worksheet

Teach, Review or Discuss About the State of Purgatory with This Fill-In the Faces Worksheet Twelve questions about the basics of Purgatory as presented by the...

  All Souls     Holy Souls     Worksheet  

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