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Religious Education & Catechism Year Planner

A Comprehensive Planning Tool for DREs, Catechists, and Teachers

We’ll Show You How It’s Done

Plan the next Religious Education year with tools that nearly every catechist will find useful. To accommodate those who teach year-round, this 243-page 17-month planner allows instructors to order and plan lessons from August 2022 until December 2023 or January 2022 until May 2023. Expect to see essentials like student lists, attendance sheets, a supply list, and lesson planning sheets. Also, find gems like a student progress sheet, support team list, and monthly planning sets complete with reference calendar and working calendar for the school year. Most of the major feasts, Marian observations, feasts of the apostles, and liturgical seasons of the Church are noted on the Monthly Lesson Plan Calendar Pages.

There is no wrong way to use this planner.  A handy table of contents helps users find what they need quickly, while a larger font and effective grayscale use keeps forms comfortable on the eyes.  Modern icons help with task association as they add a sense of fun to some of the planning pages.  Users can get started right away by reading the instruction and how-to pages in each section of the planner. Choose to print only the required pages or opt to print out the entire document double-sided and place it in a binder.

We’ve Got You Covered

There are four sections in this Religious Education & Catechism Year Planner.  Each part contains specialty sheets as well as an instruction or how-to page and a cover sheet with content listings and a scriptural passage.  Some pages include a bit of color; however, they can easily be printed in grayscale if desired.

Section I.  Planning and Reference Tools

This section offers basic printable templates and sheets needed by most teachers or program coordinators.  The collection can help teachers to do such tasks such as: define teaching goals, organize teaching resources, track student progress, keep attendance, or keep support team and student contact information.

Section II.  Monthly Calendar and Planning Sheets

This section offers a collection of planning sheets to organize an entire month’s worth of lessons.  There are eight pages of templates for each month, which allows teachers to note goals, see a simple liturgical calendar, as well as summarize monthly or weekly learning goals.

Section III.  Additional Planning Resources

This section offers other planning resources not specifically related to teaching an individual class.  These support materials deal with such tasks as planning ministry meetings, coordinating celebrations, and organizing a group of students.

Section IV.  Teaching Aids

This section contains a few of our most popular teaching aids often requested by teachers.  Updated and exclusively in black-and-white, these sheets are the perfect handouts to accompany a lesson or be used as a tool for review. 


Lesson Planning Sets

Stay organized and focus on delivery with lesson planning sheets that can be as detailed as you need.

Year Outline

Create a quick reference outline of the topics to be covered over the course of the learning year.

Monthly Liturgical Calendar

Refer to the monthly liturgical calendar to see seasons, feasts, and Marian celebrations.

Support Team Lists

Reach out to support or stay in touch with support team members when you need them.

Student Lists

Keep a running list of the students in your class as well as quick contact info such as an e-mail address or phone number.

Student Progress Sheet

Keep a progress sheet to note the truths and prayers that a student masters plus the Sacraments he has received.

Attendance Sheets

Be encouraged and see class attendance at a glance. Quickly note student attendance for four 12-week periods.

Protocols & Procedures

Create a reference sheet to write down any special procedures or protocols to follow in the teaching area or learning year.

We Make it Easy to Plan Your Year

With this resource, one can design and organize sixteen months’ worth of catechetical lessons and activities. This planner can help keep ideas ordered, reduce stress levels, and cluster relevant and valuable information in one spot. It is well-suited for the experienced or novice team member – a first time DRE, a veteran instructor who likes working off of a program outline, or even a newbie volunteer using a very formal teaching program.


We’ve Even Included Reference Sheets for Students

  • Prayers to Know Reference Sheets
  • Mass Journal Sheet Templates – 3 Styles
  • 8 Ways to Help You Participate in Holy Mass
  • The Mysteries of the Holy Rosary Reference Sheet
  • The Ten Commandments Reference Sheet
  • The Seven Sacraments Reference Sheet
  • Five Steps to a Good Confession
  • The Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit
  • The Twelve Apostles Reference Sheet
  • The Beatitudes Reference Sheet
  • Saint Writing Page Template
  • Prayers I Know by Heart Booklet