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Religious Education & Catechism Year Planner 2019-2020

A Must Have Planning Tool for DREs, Catechists, and Teachers

thumb_01_60_60Supply Lists

Take stock of your closet and list the supplies you will need for the new school year. You can note vendors and track order dates.

thumb_01_60_60Student Lists

Keep a running list of the students in your class as well as quick contact info such as an e-mail address or phone number.

2016-2017 Religious Education and Catechism Year Planner

thumb_01_60_60Lesson Planning Sheets

Stay organized and focus on delivery with lesson planning sheets that can be as detailed as you need them to be.

thumb_01_60_60Attendance Sheets

Be encouraged and see class attendance at a glance. Easily note student attendance by 12-week semesters.

thumb_01_60_60Student Progress Sheet

Help students succeed by keeping a progress sheet to note prayers and truths that have been mastered, as well as Sacraments that have been received.

thumb_01_60_60Support Team Lists

Reach out to support team members when you need them. Reference phone numbers and e-mail as well as ministry extras like who can transport students or has first aid certification.

thumb_01_60_60Monthly Planning Sets

Plan your year in monthly increments. Every month you can see a calendar, write in dates to remember, set a reading plan, create weekly lessons, and list needed materials.

Whether you teach from a textbook, work off of a program outline, or use a formal teaching program, this 197-page planner can keep things organized, reduce your stress levels, and keep all of your essential information in one place.

To accommodate those who teach year-round, this 16-month planner allows you to order and plan lessons from September 2019 until December 2020.  Plus, most of the major feasts, Marian celebrations, and liturgical seasons of the Church are noted on the monthly calendar sheets.

religious education planner

All at Your Finger Tips

Stay organized by keeping all of your important info in one handy spot.

Make It Easy on Yourself

Reduce stress by planning lessons out daily, weekly, or even monthly.

Meet Learning Goals

Create and track learning goals for your class as well as each of your students.

This planner has a clean design and easy to read titles with distinguishing icons. A 1-inch margin and centered page numbers at the bottom of the page allow users to print a few pages, a section, or the entire planner back to back and store it in a 3-ring binder.

Modern icons help with task association as they add a sense of fun to each planning page. To help users get started right away, look for instruction and how-to pages in each section of the planner. Choose to print only the required pages or opt to print out the entire document double-sided and place it in a binder. A new section of teaching aids has been added to the planner. It contains updated versions of a few of our most popular printables often requested by teachers.

You can plan your Religious Education year with tools that nearly every catechist will find useful. You’ll find all the expected favorites like student lists, attendance sheets, supply lists, and lesson planning sheets.

You’ll also find new soon-to-be-favorites like the student progress sheet, support team lists, and monthly planning sets complete with reference calendar for the 2019-2020 school year.  For your convenience, most of the major feasts, Marian celebrations, and liturgical seasons of the Church are noted on the calendar sheets.

We’ve even included name tags to help teachers become familiar with new students or to help organize classes during sign-up and orientation.

Religious Education & Catechism Year Planner

16-month Sept. 2019 – Dec. 2020

 Support Team List

Keep information about the Support Team organized and in one place. Use this template as needed to create a listing of the members of the ministry support team, including the DRE, other teachers, leaders, or assistants. Two identical sheets are provided allowing for the inclusion of additional members who support the team in other ways such as priests, the church coordinator, and those in charge of maintenance requests. If a ministry Support Team is especially large, additional sheets may need to be printed out and added to the year planner in order to keep an organized listing of all team members. Print additional copies as needed.

Year Outline

Create a quick reference outline of the topics to be covered over the course of the learning year. (A textbook table of contents can help you quickly fill in this form.) Check-off the topics on the outline as they are covered or completed during the year. A target date or actual date of completion may be noted. DREs may want to provide this information to their teachers; new team members may find this information quite helpful.

Supply List

Create a list of needed supplies and resources for the school year. Fill out this form then submit it to the appropriate person. Be sure to keep a copy of the completed form as a reference record. DREs may want to use completed forms as a check-off sheet or to aid in the sorting process as some parishes may make bulk orders from supply stores and divide them up between classes or grade levels.

Class Overview

Create a quick summary of a single class. Note the course textbook and core resources as well as supplemental resources such as additional reading materials, websites, apps, videos, or projects. A checkbox style summary of topics or course work to be covered should be filled in to provide a clear overview of the class. DREs may wish to complete the form and provide it to new teachers. One sheet per class is required.

Useful Online Tools

Note a favorite website, its attributes, as well as login and password information, if necessary. This list should only be for websites directly related to Religious Education in some way. Do not store banking or personal information on this sheet. DREs may wish to populate a sheet with sites they would like to suggest to team members, especially new teachers. Print as required.

Student List

Create a list of the students in a particular class along with basic contact information (e-mail and phone). DREs may wish to fill in this information and distribute it to teachers accordingly. Print as required.

Student Attendance Sheets

Track student attendance for three terms (36 weeks). There is one sheet per twelve-week term, and each sheet accommodates up to thirty student names. Feel free to cross off unneeded weeks. Represent each class meeting with either an actual date or the week number. Note attendance by marking a check in the corresponding box.

Student Progress Sheet

Track student progress throughout the learning year. Sections are provided for Prayers to Know, Truths to Know, and Other. Teachers may note if learning is in progress or mastered along with the date. Sacraments may also be noted as received and verified, if necessary. You may also wish to send home a copy of this record of accomplishment for each student at the end of a term or year. (One per student is required. Print as needed.)

Lesson Plan Template

Plan a lesson for an individual class session. Create a title, note the lesson objective, and provide any references that may be necessary such as textbook information or Scripture references. Write out announcements and housekeeping details, ideas that need a quick review from a previous class, and new material. Finish the plan by recapping the evening, assigning any homework, and announcing the topic for the next class session. One template per class session is required. Print as needed.


Use the spaces provided to write notes or reminders for each of the sixteen months of the year included in this planner. The template utilizes a two-page layout, which allows for viewing the whole year at once.

To-Do List

Write a list to stay organized. There is a lot to do and accomplish during the year, school term, or before the next class occurs. Making a list is a good way to organize these tasks and reduce stress levels. Students may also find this sheet useful as a way to keep track of reading assignments or homework requirements. It is also an easy way to help students break down a larger task, such as writing a report, into manageable pieces. Print as required.

Catechist Planner Class Overview

Catechist Planner Class Overview

Catechist Planner Lesson Plan

Catechist Planner Lesson Plan

Catechist Planner Reading Plan

Catechist Planner Reading Plan

Catechist Planner Monthly Overview Sheet

Catechist Planner Monthly Overview Sheet

Catechist Planner Supply List

Catechist Planner Supply List

Catechist Planner Support Team List

Catechist Planner Support Team List

Catechist Planner Teaching Aids
Catechist Planner Teaching Aids