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kalei January 24, 2016 @ 8:31PM

Catholic Printables Are Our Passion

Resources are our passion!  Most of the printables that we offer are designed around Christianity and the Catholic faith.  However, we do offer fun printable resources for more academic areas such as math, language arts and science.  Many members enjoy the unique printables that we have as we offer so much more than a standard worksheet.  Many of our most popular resources encourage discussion, game play and even a bit of research.  To that end, we encourage parents and teachers to help learners make personal connections such as math and science are subject areas that are built on truth - of which Our Lord is the Master.

Our resources foster thinking skills and meaningful study, which can lead to topic mastery.  We provide printables for word study, including vocabulary, spelling, and phonics.  We utilize handwriting and copywork as vehicles to help children learn penmanship.  Art is used as a natural compliment to writing in our narration exercises.  Nature study is viewed as God's glory in action, whether it is examining frogs, elements, or the water cycle.  Games and timelines are offered as reinforcement tools instead of tests. While our learning card collection can help introduce research skills and teach grammar rules, multiplication tables, colors, and the basics of science.

We hope that our passion becomes your joy!

kalei January 24, 2016 @ 8:31PM

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