Saint Printables and Materials

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Help children encounter and connect with the Saints – the holy heroes of the past. Our printables encourage children to learn about and recognize Saints from various time periods in the history of the Church, including those from the early Church as well as recently canonized. Through faith, obedience and charity, these holy men and women encountered Christ in unique ways. From living simply to doing great pious works, shepherding the Church to evangelizing to the nations, these individuals followed a path to our Lord. We, too, can follow a path to Christ by studying their lives.

Let our unique resources encourage and assist you in Saint study. Many of our resources are open ended to allow you to utilize and use resources you may already have in your classroom or at home on your book shelf. They compliment just about any formal CCD curriculum and are quite engaging.

General and Misc. Saint Resources

Find unique printables and resources to teach about the Saints.

Saint Posters

Decorate with poster sheets of Saints or their symbols.

Saint Profiles and Bios

Fun reference sheets teach about different Saints.

Male Saints

Find printables about a variety of male Saints and Blessed.

Blessed Virgin Mary

Teach about the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God.

Saint Trading Cards

Use trading cards to encourage learning about the Saints.

Female Saints

Find printables about a variety of female Saints and Blessed.

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