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Weekly Liturgy Lessons for Children

Help Children Draw Closer to the Weekly Gospel with a Unit Study Series Designed for Kids ages 6-10
Weekly Liturgy Lessons for Children

Bring the Gospel Message to Young Children All School Year!

Liturgy Lessons for Children

These Lessons Will Bring God’s Word to Life for Children!

Liturgy Lessons

Weekly Liturgical Lesson Student Sheets

Liturgy Lessons for Children

This Lesson Series Is Flexible!

What started with a resource request from one enthusiastic Salvatorian priest,
has blossomed into a lesson series for children that teaches God’s Word in a way that is fun, easy, and meaningful.

Weekly Liturgy Lessons for Children

Bring the Gospel Message to Young Children All School Year

Bring the Gospel Message to Young Children All School Year!

This program is designed to help young children understand God’s Word in the Holy Gospels throughout the school year from September through May. Easily incorporate lessons into Sunday school programs, CCD classes, or religious instruction in the classroom or at home. This series is most useful for students aged 6-10 who have some basic reading and writing skills.

However, teachers may alter their delivery of the weekly liturgy lessons to meet the needs of slightly older or younger students. By using such tools as group discussion, reading aloud, drawing, and game play, even the littlest Catholics are sure to glean God’s message.

Bring the Gospel Message to Young Children

These Liturgy Lessons Will Bring God’s Word to Life for Children!

The units are engaging yet simple as they focus on only one key point from the weekly Sunday Gospel. Each lesson includes a packet for students as well as a teacher’s guide. The instructor guide contains a lesson plan, scripture references, an answer key, a version of the student materials, and extension materials. For ease of preparation, these weekly unit studies match the current Liturgical Year, yet remain undated to allow for use again in future cycles.

Delivering God’s Message Has Never Been Easier!

Each lesson follows a consistent layout to provide continuity for students and teachers. All of the unit studies include the following.

-Student and Teacher Cover Sheets
-Student lesson worksheets
-Inclusive Teacher Guide with Answer Key
-Word Search Puzzle
-Scripture Trading Card
-Additional activities such as printable games, puzzles, coloring sheets, or creative activities.

Some lessons also feature word wall term pieces, vocab sheets, writing sheets, and bulletin board display activities.

There are opportunities in each lesson for Scripture reading, class or small group discussion, writing, drawing, and coloring. Teachers are encouraged to use the lesson and activities to fit the needs or abilities of students or to meet the allotted class schedule.

 Student Lesson Sheets

 Student Lesson Sheets

There is a standardized thematic lesson sheet that focuses directly on God’s Word in each lesson. Additional printables are included for lesson reinforcement and fact recall. Most lessons include a word search, writing sheet, and a lesson based cloze activity that reiterates the main paragraph from the student lesson sheet, along with other activity sheets.

Teacher Lesson Guide

The teacher guide includes a full lesson plan, which you may alter to meet the specific needs of your program or learners. The plan includes a Gospel focus sheet with the week’s Gospel reading, vocabulary focus, and lesson highlights. It also includes a layout that will take you from gathering, through the lesson to closing. As well, the guide contains a copy of all student content and matching answer sheets.

 Lesson Sheets

Lesson Extensions

Each liturgy lesson contains fun activities, or extensions found immediately following the lesson plan pages. Some activities encourage creativity, while others incorporate playing games.

For instance, almost every lesson includes a fun thematic word search puzzle, and generally, one additional game.

Young artists and writers will find a standardized mini-book in every lesson, titled according to the liturgical year.  This book does not provide writing prompts to allow the most flexibility for students and teachers.  Additional thematic mini-books with writing prompts may be available for some lessons.  Children are also encouraged to creatively decorate their lesson cover page, which is explained in each lesson plan.  Some lessons also include additional creative activities such as F3 pieces, coloring sheets, tenties, mobiles, bookmarks, door hangers, wristbands, wearable paper medallions, or posters.

All of the printable activities aim to be classroom-friendly, easy to complete, and self-contained requiring minimal supplies and very few extra materials.

Take Home Materials

Although children may take home all their lesson sheets and creations, they should also have a tangible reminder of God’s Word. Every That Weekly Liturgy Lesson for Kids unit study includes a Get the Gospel! Printable Scripture Trading Card provides a portion of Scripture or specific ways to grow in faith or live out the Gospel at home.

That Weekly Liturgy Lesson for Kids series is provided for the year from August through July

New lessons are added according to the liturgical calendar of the current year.

2022-2023 School Year

Current Year

August 2022 ~ August 2023

Liturgical Year A

Cycle A Resources: The Gospel of Matthew

Liturgical Year B

Cycle B Resources: The Gospel of Mark

Liturgical Year C

Cycle C Resources: The Gospel of Luke

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